Friday, June 24, 2011

Consider investing in commercial real estate

If you’re looking to make a worthwhile investment, consider investing in a commercial real estate property. Commercial real estate comes in many shapes and sizes like office buildings, industrial warehouses, shopping centers or multi-family houses. Compared to other investment portfolio buffers like stocks and bonds, investments in commercial real estate allows you to have a lot of control of the value of your investment.

Because the value of real estate is based on the local market, your investment in a commercial building is only affected by the local economy, not the national economy. By making sure that your building is up to date on municipal regulations, you will be able to either use your commercial building for your own business, or rent it out to tenants.

If you chose to rent your building, you are in control of how much you charge your tenant. If you want to be able to charge more to rent a space in your building, you make improvements on it to increase the value. From there you are able to adjust prices and negotiate deals. Having a tenant in your building also means that you can expect a certain income for a set number of years, depending on the terms of the lease that you and your future tenant agree to.

In the future we’ll have more information about the benefits of investing in commercial real state. LB Commercial handles the sale, leasing and management of commercial and industrial properties in Bergen County.