Monday, January 27, 2014

Office Building Leasing in Bergen County NJ

When your company is looking for a new office space, there are a few things you should keep in mind when making the decision. These tips from LB Commercial Realty LLC, leaders in office building leasing in Bergen County NJ, will make your choice easier.
  • Smaller is better – Many larger spaces have been unoccupied for some time now, so many leasers are dividing spaces. Luckily for smaller tenants, the amount of smaller spaces has increased greatly over the past few years.
  • Get the duration you want – Because of the amount of office space that is available, leasees are very open with the length of lease you want. If you are a start up, look for a short-term lease. If your company is thriving, lock in a long-term contract to ensure saving.
  • Ask for concessions – In this market leasers are more willing to negotiate pricing. They rather see the property rented than it stand another month unoccupied.
  • Don't expect slack on your deposit – There is a lot of risk with companies in the current economic state. Understandably landlords have to be strict on their deposit requirements.
  • Learn the market – Don't settle on the first space you like. Educate yourself on the extra fees that the lease may add up like escalator clauses, and possible termination rights.
  • Investigate the Landlord – Possibly the most important step in this current economy. The credit worthiness of a building owner is very import. It's not a bad idea to run a credit check on the building owner.

These tips will help you when negotiating a lease, but the first step is finding a space. LB Commercial Realty LLC, are experts in office building leasing in Bergen County NJ and have been a major player in the market for nearly two decades.

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